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What is Our Approach?




Our approach to therapy is safe, effective, healing. We provide a contemporary approach to individual, couple, family and group issues. Challenges with relationships, family, career, health, or world events can become a catalyst to awaken to unknown strengths, to step beyond limited or habitual responses to our circumstances. We can help.

The unique needs of the client determine the path the individual, couple, or group takes to grow or evolve, as well as the direction for therapy.
Our Associates will support you to identify and meet your personal goals.

Step 1
Look within and Listen to yourself—your thoughts, feelings, sensations and intuitive perceptions.

Step 2
Clarify your boundaries and have compassion for yourself.

Step 3
Recognize and release what is not working—false beliefs and attachments, self-limiting habits, addictions or patterns of behavior.

Step 4
Mourn losses--by acknowledging and appreciating feelings as they arise (needs, hurts, fears, doubts, resentments, disappointments. . .)

Step 5
Learn to detach. Recognize that often your own and others bad behavior is a misguided or unskilled attempt to take care of needs.

Step 6
Become more Skillful. Act. Observe results and course correct as needed.

Step 7
Explore living more and more from your greatest potential as a human being. Trust your inner authority. Typical concerns:

Typical concerns:

  • Unexpected changes, loss or disappointment
  • Anxiety. Depression
  • Infidelity; job loss or betrayal issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Sexuality and sexual concerns
  • Recovery from addictions
  • Childhood wounds
  • Recovery from trauma (emotional, sexual physical abuse)

Transpersonal or Spiritually Oriented Concerns such as:

  • Psychic children, indigo children, gifted children
  • Spiritually Transformative Experiences
  • Sacred Sexuality
  • Existential Crisis
  • NDE's (Near Death Experiences)
  • Kundalini Awakening
  • Psychic dreams
  • Past life memories
  • Intuition development
  • Ceremony and ritual for life transitions (birth, death, divorce)
  • Meditation and Self-development 

Clients may be interested in using intuitive services to gain perspective on their lives. An ‘intuitive reading’ may allow clients to organize and reflect upon personal thoughts, questions, and concerns. Life concerns are explored as opportunities and challenges in the development of character and personal liberation. Dr Beth Hedva also trains clients in Embodied Awareness to expand intuition and use inner resources for Self-healing.

Dr. Hedva may employ a variety of intuitive tools: astrology, tarot and numerology, along with ‘straight psychic work’ or past-life regression work each offering specific reflections on the client's innate gifts, talents and resources, or tools an individual may already have to aid in successfully meeting life's challenges.  

Readings are clarifying, empowering and illuminating. 

1. CONNECT with your heart: Use breath work, energy work, intention and intuition to balance heart, mind,  body and spirit.

2. OBSERVE (and assess): Experiences of shock, crisis, grief/mourning, insight/resilience in self and others

3. LISTEN and SHARE: Share stories and encourage authentic expression of self and others

4. TRAIN: to engage creativity and intuition to gain insight, value, meaning and healing.

5. EMPOWER: Yourself and others to lead by example. Practice and share new learnings to support self-care/self-ecology within self, and with others, one's community, environment and the eco-sphere.