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Kim Haxton Bio

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Kim Haxton - HBOR, 1st Nation's Facilitator, (Vancouver, BC), (Faculty, Embodied Awareness Facilitator; Trainer, Educator and Expert Intuitive) - is a Potowatomi, born on the Wasauksing First Nations Reserve in Canada. A skilled facilitator of indigenous spiritual healing practices and ceremony, Kim began her work as a First Nation's Facilitator working for almost 20 years with Native youth impacted by colonization, including substance abuse, juvenile delinquency, family violence and family disruption, as part of Rediscovery International. She joined Dr. Beth Hedva, then Director of the Canadian Association for Trauma Outreach and Prevention in 2010 and brought her skills as aTrauma Recovery Trainer and Healer, Group Facilitator, Art Therapist and Ceremonialist to survivors of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake disaster. Kim's community healing work emphasizes leadership development, Embodied Awareness and 'betrayal-to-trust' rites of passage, conflict resolution, de-escalation, de-colonization, diversity and anti-oppression training.

Among Kim's current community projects, she volunteers her services in Africa, developing sustainable community healing training programs for 
Peace and Conflict Resolution in Congo, where Ms. Haxton is training local Congolese women who have been affected by civil war, poverty and sexual violence.

Holding degrees in Geography, and an Honors Bachelor's Outdoor Recreation degree, Kim is trained in Western, Eastern and Indigenous spiritual healing methods. Kim Haxton has studied with Indigenous Elders and Traditional Healers from Canada and the United States, Nepal, Thailand, Peru, Venezuela, Haiti, Mexico, and Belize (where, under the Mentorship of Edmond Faubert, she completed a rigorous five year apprenticeship in the study of indigenous medicines of the Americas) . Currently living in Vancouver, BC, Kim offers Intuitive Counselling and Consultation, Spiritual Healing and Ceremony, Group Facilitation and Leadership Development trainings world-wide.

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